Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 4

L I S T E N W I T H Y O U R E Y E S a wr i gh t s i de med i a pub l i ca t i on 36 VOLUME 7, NUMBER 4 / MAR-APR 2019 COVER STORY DonnaGrantis ALSO INSIDE: Soldano to BAD, EHX sues Mooer and more... KING CRIMSON Jakko Jakszyk talks sta- tus of prog-fathers at the half-century mark A CASE OF WTF?! We re-live a brief series of head-scratchers from the world of MI GEAR REVIEWS Hovercraft Laguna Sunride Spiral Electric Black Spiral EQD Swiss Things Walrus Audio Deep Six v3 The Greatest gear show on Earth! Bling and bang from former Prince guitarist ®