Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

52 GEARPHORIA JAN/FEB 2019 GEAR REVIEWS u Ohmless YARA2 I GREW UP in the back of an old gospel singin’ church. During the 60’s and 70’s, my grandparents traveled all over Texas playing mu- sic in the “gospel circuit”, if you will, later settling in the plains of West Texas. Back then my grand- father was a purist type player who only played guitar to amp and that was it. The man wouldn’t even use a capo because he saw it as cheat- ing. He taught my uncle every known chord in the book and simi- larly how to chicken pick. Flash forward 40 years and here I am, still working out chord shapes and desperately trying to smooth out my playing to be somewhere near Sophisticated control The Ohmless Yara2 puts a useful squeeze on things BY JORDAN UPTON how even that man could do it. The difference being, I’m no purist and I sure like toys. Cut to the Yara2 Compressor by Ohmless Pedals. This powerhouse optical com- pressor is designed for use with both guitars and bass, is beauti- fully designed, and is handmade in Germany. The Yara2 boasts 5 selection knobs to offer you ample control that makes for a super versatile compressor. Often overlooked, a compressor pedal is something a lot of players need but most don’t really know how utilize. I find that compressors are most useful for articulat- ing the differences in picking styles and strumming. The mo- ment between a fingerpicked verse into a strum down chorus can yield drastic results that take away from the ambiance that you intended for your audience to ex- perience. A compressor can help smooth that out. The controls are laid out to sug- gest which ones you’ll adjust the most and I think they’re spot-on. The Tone and Release controls are firmly set micro-knobs where as the Volume, Compression, and Blend are standard non-recessed dials. The magic for me lies within the Compression and Blend con- trols. I love being able to adjust