Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

50 GEARPHORIA JAN/FEB 2019 GEAR REVIEWS u Amptweaker Curveball Jr. and Depth Finder JAMES BROWN is one of those genius-types that enjoys the challenge of engineering high levels of functionality into small spaces. Sitting here looking at the new Curveball Jr. it is clearly a three-band EQ… and that would be fine as-is. Then I noticed the three-way voicing control… oh, and there is a boost… and Ampt- weaker ’s legacy ‘Tight’ switch. And this was just the stuff I could make out be staring at the thing! Brown makes no qualms about how a lot of his ideas come to him… he listens to his end- Goodbye, Mr. Spalding! Amptweaker hits a homerun with latest tone-shaping duo BY BLAKE WRIGHT users. When an idea makes sense, it makes sense… it doesn’t really matter where the idea came from. The Curveball Jr. was another Amptweaker product that was born by listening to the needs of the consumer. The controls on the Curveball Jr. are fairly straight-forward. There are knob controls for Low, Mid and High frequencies — these are boost/cut controls. There also is a mini-knob for overall volume just below these. The pedal also sports two three- way switches — the first controls the overall voicing of the pedal from US, UK and Thrash, while the second is the Tight control which can go between Fat, Stan- dard and Tight. The US setting is the ‘lowest’ giving you more of a low-end punch. The low- end becomes looser as you move to the UK and Thrash settings. The Tight setting also firms up the low-end. On the right side of the pedal is another knob con- trol that allows you to adjust the level of a boost that can be accessed by pressing and holding the foot switch, then tapping it.