Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

46 GEARPHORIA JAN/FEB 2019 GEAR REVIEWS u Porter Guitars Les Bois I’VE REALLY only owned a couple of electric guitars. When I began playing bass as a kid, I only got what my parents bought me; which was a 4-string Peavey Fury. A few years later, made indepen- dently wealthy by some time spent working at Taco Bell and a coffee shop, I bought a Gretsch Electro- matic. Having spent so much on it at the time, I then had to wait a good while before the next pur- chase. Fast way forward to today, and I’m playing through a reis- sued Guild Thunderbird S-200. A common thread through those years however, was a deep dissatisfac- tion with hardware, electronics and pickups. Then why did you buy those guitars? Well, I loved the look, the feel and the sound but as we all know over time things Tout ce que vous voulez Porter’s sub-$2k Les Bois is a looker... and a player BY JORDAN UPTON change and things begin to wear down and need replacing. When I got into the Guild, I knew from day one that I wanted to re- place some things. The first being the pickups. For me, it was in- timidating deciding to change them because I’ve never done it before. I just a spent a ton of money, again, on a dreamy guitar but I didn’t love the pickups. So, I turned to the Internet and my friends for advice on what to choose. I knew what style I wanted but as far as whom to buy from, I was lost. There are so many people out there building custom pickups that I needed some- one to vouch for someone else and thankfully that’s what happened. I was, more or less, introduced to Porter Pickups through my band- mate Wade Burden, who you most likely would recognize through his signature beard and contributions to Gearphoria . He’s been playing through custom Porter’s forever and could attest to the companies’ commitment to building top quality specific products that fit whatever exact needs you have. In my case, I knew I needed some powerful P90s, preferably something strong and smooth for the neck and some- thing hot as hell for the bridge and Porter delivered. After having played through these Porter’s for a long time I was given an opportunity to not only play through a different set of P90s but to experience them through an entirely custom built Porter gui- tar. Now, Gearphoria has had it’s hands on the first series of guitars offered by Porter, you may remem-