Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

GO FUCHS YOURSELF (and he means it in the nicest way...) IT WAS A TWIST of serendipi- tous fate that Andy Fuchs and company ended up occupying the unused second floor of the Aloris Tool Company building in Clifton, New Jersey. Fuchs, who was quickly outgrowing his current shop, was in the North Clifton neighborhood with his young daughter, teaching her how From selling fire alarms to deciphering Dumble and ultimately embracing the emerging World Wide Web, Andy Fuchs as spent the past 20 years building a reputation of no-nonsense sonic stewardship, turning the sounds you hear in your head into reality via his line of guitar amplifiers and effects ped- als. It’s a job he loves... and one that continues to evolve. to drive. The area is known to be “the” local spot for student driv- ers complete with a cone set-up to test parallel parking prowess. While in the area, Fuchs noticed the ‘For Lease’ sign on a large, brick two-story building. He made a note, took down the number and decided to investigate it further the next day. Before that could happen, however, he returned home to his wife Annette who told him she had just found a potential new headquarters for the company while searching online. It was the exact same space. A call to the realtor yielded a visit and tour of the 5,000-square-foot, dust- riddled property, which had laid unoccupied for a decade. There IMAGES &WORDS BY BLAKEWRIGHT