Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

QUICK TAKE u Rufus Miller 26 GEARPHORIA JAN/FEB 2019 FOLLOWING IN our parents’ footsteps is a cliché that many of us experienced at some point in childhood. For guitarist Rufus Miller, however, that first blush of childish inspiration has catapulted him to share the stage with one of Rock’s most iconic—and respect- ed—artists. And perhaps most importantly, his own father.    Rufus, the son of long-time Sting guitarist Dominic Miller, has just wrapped up his second (and half) tour with the former Police front man. In fact, the Miller father & son duo spent much of the year on the road with Sting and Shaggy, the Jamaican dancehall reggae artist, in support of their so-called “44/876” tour. Sting and Shaggy released the collaborative—and eponymous—effort in early 2018. “Being on stage with (with my dad) has been like a dream come true. It’s amazing. I look up to him so much. Maybe it’s because we are a father-son team, but we can connect and work at a deeper level. I can counter balance him,” says Miller. The tour with Sting and Shaggy represented another milestone in Miller ’s musical life. The London-born guitarist grew up in the orbit of one of Pop Mu- sic’s biggest shake ups. Despite the success of the platinum selling Synchronicity album in 1983, The Police decided to go on an extended hiatus, and Sting kicked off his own chart-topping solo career. A FAMILY AFFAIR Rufus Miller not only plays with Sting every night, he also plays with his dad Dominic BY TOM DARIN LISKEY