Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

24 GEARPHORIA JAN/FEB 2019 LIST-ERIA! u Causing gearhead discomfort since 2014 GUITAR-CENTRIC ALBUMS OF 2018 OUR TOP 9 ( no particular order) WITH ALL of the doomsaying (and yes, we’ve done a bit too) regard- ing the death of guitar, we would like to take the opportunity here at the beginning of a new year to re- flect on the previous 365 days and the tasty six-string offerings kicked out into creation by some of the best and brightest in the business -- veterans and newcomers alike! Now, fair warning... this is just our list, not any sort of end-all, be-all, this-is-all-there-was-worth- anything-released-in-2018. In fact, looking back a little closer, last year was a pretty good year for guitar-driven music... and this year is looking pretty good to with first quarter releases from the likes of Bob Mould, Rival Sons, Dream Theater, Weezer and much more. If you want to check out these albums in there full guitar glory, click here to go to our customized Spotify playlist. Then crank it up and enjoy! G If you’re a regular around these parts you probably know about our love for Landau. He’s a master, plain and simple. Whether it’s bluesy sound- scapes or percussive sonic grinds, there is not a sour note in the bunch… and we just can’t say that about too many artists these days. Thank you, Mr. Landau, for being an original… and a picture of consistency. MICHAEL LANDAU - ROCK BOTTOM For a band that almost called it quits a few years back, this West Coast quartet has really been killing it these last few records. The twin guitar at- tack of Teppei Teranishi and frontman Dustin Kensrue is locked in and lethal, both on tape and on stage. The recent product is first rate and has us excited for the next chapter. THRICE - PALMS Some time back, The Sword went from heavy metal’s what’s next to vessels of retro space rock, fresh with layers of buzzing guitars and sci-fi musings. The turn wasn’t overly popular, but we love it. The aura and atmosphere around this Austin quartet has changed into something infinitely more interesting than their original path would have indicated… and they did it without jeopardiz- ing their original sound. Evolution over re-imagination. THE SWORD - USED FUTURE