Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

Collision Devices Sèvremont, France This new pedal outfit from L’hexagone has hit the ground running with its Black Hole Symmetry Modulation Delay/ Space Reverb/ Destruction Fuzz pedal. Keep an eye out for it... and them! Bad Penny FX East Sussex, UK Effect pedals built inside mid 20th century Kodak box cameras, Hornby and Triang model train power regulators? What’ll it cost, man? What’ll it cost?! Actually, not unreasonable at all! Homestead Amps Stroudsburg, PA After several years at Diaz, Peter McMahon started Homestead in 2014 and has built up an envious amp range and clientele... and the Homestead name continues to creep into tone conversations across the internet. Spiral Electric FX Sandy, UT Tom Cram has changed the name of his new pedal company Rose Pedal Electric Effects due to a C&D letter from Eventide. Spiral Electric is the newmoniker... and personally, we dig it more. WEEK 50, 51 and 52 of 2018 SOURCE: BRANDS ON THE RISE KICKSTARTED NEW PEDALS 16 GEARPHORIA JAN/FEB 2019 Solid Titanium Lifetime Guitar Pick: Polar Metals pick-polar-metals Evil Evil - Boutique Electric Guitars and Basses and-basses THE GSLING I Guitar Strap Reinvented strap (UNSUCCESSFUL) The Nomad Travel Guitar guitar (UNSUCCESSFUL) Analog Man Mini Beano Boost Bad Pixel Pedals Gold Bender Big Knob Pedals Tone Blender MkII ‘65 Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer Mk2 Donner Alpha Acoustic - Preamp / Chorus / Hall Reverb Donner Alpha FX - Reverb / Delay / Mod Eventide Rose Pedal ISP Technologies Beta Bass DSP Line 6 HX Stomp Mythos Pedals Argo - Octave Fuzz Steel Panther The Pussy Melter Pedal Tomkat Pedals Super Day Dreamer - Tap Tempo Echo-Reverb Lovell Celeste - Reverb Rat Pedals The Fingerprint Servus! Pedals A Sound Odyssey ZenZero Electronics FuzU Caline CP-56 Midlander - AC Tone Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry Dr. Scientist The Atmosphere - Reverb Singular Sound Beat Buddy Mini 2