Gearphoria Volume 7 Number 3

L I S T E N W I T H Y O U R E Y E S a wr i gh t s i de med i a pub l i ca t i on 35 VOLUME 7, NUMBER 3 / JAN-FEB 2019 COVER STORY Failure frontman on new gear, new album ALSO INSIDE: Pedal collabs, Cloud guitar woes and more... FUCHS AUDIO Jersey-based tonesmiths celebrate 20 years RUFUS MILLER Guitarist enjoying run with dad in Sting’s band NAMMPREDICTIONS We gaze into our not-so crystal ball to see what this year’s show may hold GEAR REVIEWS Porter Les Bois Chase Bliss DarkWorld Amptweaker Curveball Jr. OBNE Dweller Ohmless YARA2 and more! KEN ANDREWS ®