Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 2

GEAR REVIEWS u Dusky Electronics Hypatia 62 GEARPHORIA NOV/DEC 2018 Fat-bottomed fuzz The Dusky Hypatia is more than meets the iris-less eye THE THING about reading or listening to a pedal review is that you’re never really going to know how that pedal will work for you; you just hope it pays off, especially when you bought it and didn’t tell your wife. It then comes down to trust and faith in the community. They say every time you buy some- thing you’re also casting a vote for what you believe, which is inadvertently a good or a bad thing. Heavy stuff right? All the same, it’s increasingly difficult to discern if what you’re buying is responsible. At the end of the day, it comes down to your level of involvement and motivation to seek out that knowledge. Thank- fully, I do believe there’s some- BY JORDAN UPTON thing about Dusky products that motivates me to be cognizant. In September, Dusky Electron- ics released the Hypatia. Built to mimic the classic “Bazz Fuss” circuit, the Hypatia has an amaz- ingly wide range gain that won’t get away from you. It’s easily a great fuzz machine that at lower settings can be used as a clas- sic crunch maker or at it’s peak will punch the fuzz out of you. I know, I know, but life’s full of bad jokes. I think there’s no other fuzz pedal out there that reaches this far on the spectrum. The controls are fairly straight- forward with a ‘More’ knob for volume, ‘Light’ for higher tones, ‘Meat’ for low end and ‘Heat’ controls the amount of gain. There’s a lot of fine-tuning that you can put into this thing though. Dusky suggests start- ing with everything cranked and then backing them off until you find what you like. The controls are also designed to interact with each other, not just the signal, which means as you adjust one, you may find that you want to go back to the other. A thoughtful aspect about the Hypatia is that it has an input buffer, meaning you can put it anywhere on your chain and the signal won’t be forced to do anything it doesn’t want. I’ve got another fuzz pedal on my board right now and if it’s not in the front of my chain it’ll cause my sound to radically drop. On the other side of the Hypatia,