Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

28 ROBERT WALTER Keyboard player extraordinaire brings a retro 1960s sci-fi flare to his new album Spacesuit . We chat about the motives for making it and the gear involved 30 38 TREVOR LARKIN Renaissance man is an overused term, but it applies to guitarist Trevor Larkin. When not filling his key role as guitarist in Allen Stone’s band, you might find him going solo, re- cording a podcast or fleshing out his email newsletter. We tracked the man down in Nashville to talk about all things Trevor GEAR SHOW COMBO Both the Amigos OC guitar show and Fear The Riff II recently took place on opposite ends of the country. We had boots on the ground at both shows and bring you highlights from each in a pair of pictorial wrap-ups 48 FEATURES GREER AMPS Nick Greer has been in the MI game for 20 years, and his of- ferings have likely never been as popular as they are right now. We stopped in the Athens, GA HQ for a tour and the low- down on his future plans