Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

GEAR REVIEWS u Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Add celestial body to your audio Version 2 of the Matthews Effects Astronomer has landed BY WADE BURDEN THE ASTRONOMER V2 by Mat- thews Effects is a dead simple and versatile digital reverb in a small, but kind of confusing package. The top bypass switch turns on the bot- tom row of controls? The bottom bypass switch turns on the top row of controls, but has to be on for the top switch to work? What do the switches at the top do again? Seri- ously, I felt like my grandmother that time she decided to get a PC. She used to call me to ask how to turn her computer off every day. Every day we had the same conver- sation: “Click on the start button.” “I don’t want to start the computer, I want to turn it off.” “Trust me, we have to click the start button to tell it to shut down.” “That doesn’t make any sense!” Every day. The woman ran the books and drew up the blueprints for a mechanical engineering company, but learning to use Windows was just not gonna happen. Anyway, luckily for me, once you play with The Astronomer for a bit it makes perfect sense. But just get ready; it’s a little counter- intuitive at first, and the manual is just as confusing. The Astronomer V2 is basically a reverb with one “preset” - or more accurately, an alternate reverb sound. The bottom bypass switch turns on the entire pedal and acti- vates the “base” reverb that makes up the pedal. The base reverb is controlled by the top row of knobs. The Alt switch, the higher mounted foot switch of the two, allows you to turn on the alternate reverb sound, which is controlled by the second row of knobs. Both the base reverb and the alternate reverb have the same three con- trols: Mass, which controls your dry/wet mix, Glow, which controls the amount of shimmer or octave, and Travel, which controls the feedback. This base and alternate reverb with independently con- trolled sounds allow the user to dial in a sound that they use most 64 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018