Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

62 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018 GEAR REVIEWS u Mr. Black Twin Lazers I’VE BEEN TRYING to write more riffs that have a certain kind of attitude. I’m not trying to abandon the sound that I’ve created, but I want to take it on a trip. What I’m searching for is a way to add a mind-expanding element without wasting money on a box that’s a ‘one-trick-pony’. I want to put a syrupy coating on top of my fuzz or distortion, but I’ve been con- flicted as to how to achieve it. If this sounds like you in any way then please allow me to be your shaman. The Twin Lazers Dual Phase Modulator pedal by Mr. Black Pedals out of Portland, OR, is a true handmade stereo phase shifter. Inside there are two phasers work- ing at the same time to allow for a lag between the periods of modu- lation, think peaks and troughs of the signal. This in turn is what’s creating the swirly-twirly-syrupy deliciousness that phasers have been bringing to the table since the 1960’s. This big boy runs in either 4 or 6 stage shifting, albeit you can achieve 8 and 12 stage shifting if you run the pedal into itself. The total package is a quasi-retro future vibe with a candy blue base; this thing looks stellar! Simple controls with three inputs and two outputs means I’m already in my happy place because I don’t like to feel overwhelmed just by looking at pedal. I love how user-friendly Mr. Black Pedals designed this. Three main knobs, the ‘Mix’ knob is your standard dry/wet signal control, the ‘Shift’ knob is what’s controlling the lag time between the oscillators. There’s a tiny 90° marker on the knob to show how the oscillation between the two phasers compliments or opposes one another. You can be flat, at 90° or all the way up to 180° for a full spectrum back-and-forth effect between the two phasers. It’s with the stereo output options that this knob really shines, but even the mono output creates a powerfully mesmerizing rotation. The ‘Rate’ knob ranges from five seconds to 200mS, which is shown Pew, pew... whoa! The Mr. Black Twin Lazers is one sexy shape shifter BY JORDAN UPTON