Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018 61 GEAR REVIEWS u Zorg Effects Small Basstar ZORG EFFECTS SMALL BASSSTAR Controls: Gain, Mix, Vol and Tone knobs, Mids cut/boost toggle Dimensions: 4.4” L x 2.75” W x 2” H Price: 160 € trol, to create a vintage-inspired overdrive tone. It is the Mix knob allows the user to blend the dis- torted sound with the clean bass and attack from the guitar, which adds definition to the overall experience. The pedal itself needs a bit of ex- planation. It sports knob controls for Gain, which dials up the gain of the treble and ranges from clean to very saturated; Mix, which al- lows the user to blend the two sep- arate bands from the instrument; Vol, which boosts output; and Tone, which lightens and darkens the sound. Rotating the Tone knob clockwise removes treble from the signal. The toggle in the center of the pedal is a Mids adjuster that changes the saturated treble start- ing frequency — L (low) is 200Hz, M (mid) is 400Hz and H (high) is 800Hz. Each selection gives the user a new starting point with dif- ferent saturation colors. With bass, the MOSFET setting offers more aggression and high- end response, while Diode + LED brings a more compressed voicing to the table. The same can roughly be said for guitar. With guitar, the Small Basstar excels when a saturated rumble is dialed in, with the Gain knob to the right of noon and the mix control somewhere around 2 o’clock and the pedal set up for MOSFET clip- ping. It offers a firm rhythm crunch that doesn’t feel flabby or out of control. The charm of the Small Basstar is that once you have identi- fied a sound you like, you can begin exploring several different varia- tions of it instantly, some with just the flick of a switch. The Small Basstar still impresses most as a bass effect, but it does an admirable job with guitar as well. There are definitely tones in there to enjoy for guitarists from all walks of musical tastes. Run- ning about US$180, exploring this pedal’s double-threat might be worth your time and investment. G i wish i had... no... no... no... regrets.