Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

GEAR REVIEWS u EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct 56 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018 The coming flood EQD’s new vibrato is a versatile and welcomed watery exploration BY BLAKE WRIGHT THE LATEST bit of syrupy cir- cuitry from your favorite crew of Akronites is the Aqueduct vibrato — a mercurial and memorable box full of modulating goodness that runs the gamut between morning rain shower and full-on underwa- ter adventure. Under the hood, the Aqueduct utilizes a short delay line with eight different modula- tion templates that can create gentle washes, punchy pulses or seasick warbles. The conventional knob controls on the Aqueduct behave as you would expect. Rate adjusts the LFO speed, which controls how fast the pitch rises and falls. The Depth knob controls the LFO am- plitude, adjusting the intensity of the vibrato effect itself. The ped- al’s third knob is a rotary selector that houses the Aqueduct’s differ- ent modes of operation. The Sine setting is the smoothest and most subtle setting for classic vibrato effects. Triangle showcases more prominent than sine, with greater emphasis on peaks. Dial in Ramp for short pulses followed by a rap- id downward slope with a synth- like sustain and release. Square is the most rigid and abrupt of the modes and offers very choppy, hard-edged effects. The Random setting (not a waveform) ranges in sonics from warped record to wild, unpredictable pitch changes. The last three settings are all envelope-controlled modes. Env D is depth, where the knob sets relative minimum/maximum range.