Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

LIST- ERIA! u Causing gearhead discomfort since 2014... 26 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018 The Top 7 (and Active ) Guitar Players In The World... RIGHT NOW! (in no particular order) NUTS, right? Trying to tell the world who the best gui- tar players are in some sort of definitive way. Well... buckle up, Buttercup -- because that is exactly what we’re doing. All of these guys have two things in com- mon: 1) They are actively playing (gigging/touring) in support of their music today (So, no EVH.... right?) and 2) They are all monsters on the guitar. Did your favorite make the list? Check it out and see. Tommy Emmanuel Guthrie Govan Derek Trucks BEST Australia’s Tommy Emmanuel has been doing his thing since he was six-years-old. Now 63, he is arguably the best acoustic guitar player on the planet. Not just for the flash and fretboard harmonic wizardry, but his fingerpicking is second to none and no matter if he’s playing ‘Classical Gas’ or one of his own compositions, he always looks like he is having a blast. Best. Slide. Player. Ever? It would be hard to argue against 39-year-old Floridian Derek Trucks. He has been playing slide since he was nine and has established what likely is the most identifiable and unique voices in all of popular guitar-dom today. You simply know within a few notes of a song coming on if it is him playing. His Gibson SG becomes an extension of Trucks’ physical self every time he straps it on. Now, paired with wife Susan Tedeschi (no guitar slouch herself ), Trucks has found a home in the 11-piece Tedeschi Trucks Band, which has churned three highly-acclaimed studio albums since 2011. Youmight knowGuthrie best as a beast of a shred guitarist, but that would be selling this UK-born 46-year-old short of his skills. Sure he can fly up and down the frets like nobody’s business, but he also has a touch and feel that most guitarists simply do not possess. Need proof, check out his work on StevenWilson’s 2013 album The RavenWho Refused To Sing . Or if you want more vintage Govan, his work withThe Aristocrats (himself, bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann) will tell your ears all they need to know.