Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

20 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018 You know? ... for kids! Blazing a musical trail for today’s youth INVESTING in our children. No, no... I don’t mean buying an iPhone for a six-year-old. I’m talking more about money for advanced educa- tion, trade application, or even the arts. Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl just released a 23-minute song where he plays all of the in- struments. It’s called ‘Play’. Now, while on the surface that project may seem a little self-centered and pretentious, he did it more in response to seeing his own kids muscle their way through learning a musical instrument, which in turn reminded him of his own MI path... and the paths of other kids that might not ever get an opportunity to pick up a guitar or saxophone, or sit at a piano or behind the drums. At the bottom of Grohl’s ‘Play’ inter- active website are links to music- education organizations across the country. A project press release mentions “upcoming auctions” to benefit such causes. A few days before ‘Play’ hit the web, basketball great LeBron James announced he was opening up a school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. This “I Promise School” is designed to help some of Akron’s most challenged students with edu- cation and support. A few pundits on Twitter suggested that musical instruments be a part of the program as well. After all, James has history of giving kids a shot at learning mu- sic through his foundation’s work with the Akron Symphony. The School Of Rock as well as other types of after school ‘lesson’ centers have popped up all around the country with the mission to bring kids together in a collabora- tive environment to make music together. It is heartening to see a group of kids -- most strangers to one another -- pair up in a four- piece band and rip through a cover of Bad Company, Led Zeppelin or The Who. While we are prepping kids for the future, let’s not forget to pass the “arts” baton as well. It is as important as anything else we can do to make sure today’s kids shine tomorrow. G