Gearphoria Volume 7, Number 1

Rose Pedals Electric Effects Murray, UT The buzz is considerable for this effects pedal newcomer, mainly because the man behind the brand is former DigiTech guru Tom Cram. At press time, we were likely just days away from the company’s initial release. Dr. Z Amps Maple Heights, OH Now, Dr. Z was one of the prime movers in all of boutique amp-dom, but the buzz over the company’s latest releases like the Z-Plus com- bo can’t be ignored. Plus, it just got easier to get hold of one after the builder and Sweetwa- ter struck a retail deal. Walrus Audio Oklahoma City, OK Pedal maker known for its consistent presenta- tion steps out of its comfort zone in a collabo- ration pedal with Ryan Adams. Looks killer. Sounds killer. Haunted Labs Charlotte, NC Chris Cozort has churned out buzz-worthy pedal after buzz-worthy pedal, with the latest being the Witch Hammer overdrive. It might be a good time to take a closer look. Opeongo - a Small Body Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar wood-acoustic-guitar The Times Square electric guitar changes everything guitar-changes-everythin Performaxe: The First-Ever Leg Rest For Any Electric Guitar leg- rest-for-any-electri (FUNDING CANCELED) Mercury Modular Guitar (FUNDING CANCELED) WEEK 35 of 2018 Ammoon Pockdist Boredbrain Music Transmutron - Dual FX Loop Crossover Filter DHA ValveTone VT1 Spitfire - Guitar Valve Pre-amp EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct Vibrato Ground Control Audio Tsukuyomi midrange booster JHS Pedals Kodiak - Tap Tempo Tremolo Mr. Black Twin Lazers - Dual Phase Modulator PAL (Tribute Series) The Breaker Overdrive Seymour Duncan FOOZ - Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Sitek Guitar Electronics Cocoa Distortion Sitek Guitar Electronics Vixen Germanium Booster Sonicake Cry-Bot - Envelope Filter SOURCE : BRANDS ON THE RISE KICKSTARTED NEW PEDALS 18 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2018