Gearphoria Vol 6, No 6

L I S T E N W I T H Y O U R E Y E S a wr i gh t s i de med i a pub l i ca t i on 32 VOLUME 6, NUMBER 6 / JUL-AUG 2018 COVER STORY Yvette Young ALSO INSIDE: Shake-ups at DigiTech, Guitar Player and more... LIST-ERIA! We showcase 6.5 gui- tarists you should get to know better MUSCLE SHOALS A guitarist’s guide to one of the most sacred music sites in the US GEAR REVIEWS BMF Effects Marc F’N Ford Zvex ‘59 Sound Chase Bliss Thermae Walrus Audio Emissary and more... Louisiana amp maker offers tone innovation Covet guitarist brings unique style to math core ®