Gearphoria Vol 6, No 3

L I S T E N W I T H Y O U R E Y E S a wr i gh t s i de med i a pub l i ca t i on 29 VOLUME 6, NUMBER 3 / JAN-FEB 2018 COVER STORY East Coast combo king holds court ALSO INSIDE: Scary Pedals, Mission power and more... MILES ZUNIGA Fastball er celebrates 20 years of All The Pain... NOT IN 2018 List-eria predictions for the new year in rock RABBIT HOLE FX Safia Harrison and her wonderland of tone GEAROFTHEYEAR? Take a look forward to the hottest gear of 2025 . GEAR REVIEWS Hologram Infinite Jets MadProfessor Dual BlueDelay Caroline Guitar Shigeharu and more! SWART AMPS ®