Gearphoria Vol 4, No 1

70 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2015 GEAR REVIEWS u Gurus Echosex2 When Guglielmo Cicognani set out to replicate one of the greatest Italian contributions to guitar effect history, his challenge was to not only fix some of the well-known issues of the Binson Echorec, but also to create it in a pedalboard-friendly format. Enter the Gurus Echosex 2. How well was that challenge met? Let’s explore the unit for ourselves and find out just how close we can get to the large head unit heard from the likes of Gilmour and Barrett-era Pink Floyd among many others. Gurus pays tribute to the legendary Binson Echorec The soft glow of electric sex BY JOSH SEATON Visually, the Echosex makes no reservations about what it’s design cues take after. The etched faceplate yields the same backlit yellow glow that harkens to its icon. The easy to read labels for each control are a direct take off of the Binson units. There is even an LED backlit 12AX7 tube at the center of it all that glows brighter with increased level input, a nod to the “magic eye” of the origi- nal. More on the functionality of this tube later, as it actually is a integral part of the circuit. The pedal casing is a very robust feeling product, definitely road- worthy and a practical unit for the studio. The footprint of the Echosex2 is roughly that of the large Stry- mon boxes, and powering the pedal requires max 290mA from a standard 9 or 12 volt center negative supply. There are dip switches that are easily accessible from the side of the pedal to select bypass mode as well as input level for line or guitar. So, how does it sound? In short, amazing. Dialing in great tone with