Gearphoria Vol 4, No 1

The Progressive Particle A conversation with Spock ’ s Beard guitarist Alan Morse Thirteen years into the Spock’s Beard timeline, guitarist Alan Morse is briefly reflect- ing upon the band’s history. With their twelfth album, The Oblivion Particle , only weeks away from release at the time of this interview, he contemplates the albums representing recorded chapters in their story. “I never really thought about it like that,” he says, “But I guess you could think about them as little time capsules that take me back to what was going on in my life at the time that we were recording it. It’s a lot of stuff.” Morse and his brother Neal formed the band in 1992. Neal Morse left the group after ten years; drummer Nick D’Virgilio took over lead vocals until his own depar- ture in 2011. Today, Spock’s Beard is Morse, longtime members Dave Meros on bass and Ryo Okumoto on keyboards, with vocalist/guitarist Ted Leonard and drummer Jimmy Keegan. “It’s an interesting time,” says Morse. “We’ve got good things going on, good gigs coming up, and the band — it’s just ridiculous with Ted and Jimmy. It’s unbelievable, so that’s really fun, that’s cool. We’ve got a new record, and we’re looking forward to going out and playing it for people.” The band was a month away from their Eu- ropean tour when he spoke with Gearphoria . INTERVIEW BY ALISON RICHTER PHOTO: NASA