Gearphoria Vol 4, No 1

YOU DON’T go to the dentist for a physical. You don’t turn to your accountant for an oil change. So why should you go to Comic Con for the music? Well, you shouldn’t... but that doesn’t mean the music isn’t there. We took in the sights and sounds of this year’s Comic Con International in San Diego and give you our top music moments below! Peavey has become of de facto leader in licensed, pop culture guitar products — from superheroes to classic monsters and beyond. Another marquee license for the brand has been Star Wars, and while these axes aren’t necessarily new that doesn’t take away from the ‘cool factor’. I can totally see myself gigging with a Boba Fett six-string with my bitchin’ hippie tribute band, the Grate- ful “He’s No Good To Me” Dead. 6. 5. Children, gather ‘round. Back during a more simple time known as the 1980s, the ‘M’ in MTV actually stood for ‘Music’. Then, it was a plucky little upstart cable channel founded on the notion that people would stare lovingly into their televisions while their favorite bands jumped around in three minute ‘skits’ to their latest single. You know what? They were right. Lo, but that was many moons ago. Music videos are relics of a bygone age, but MTV — a juggernaut of a network by the late 1990s — was simply too big to fail. Today, the channel is reality central for The Hunger Games crowd… and that’s the high-brow stuff. How bad has it gotten? I give you Exhibit A… the pimptastic Star Wars cosplay interview. Star Wars Guitars Ladies and gentlemen... MTV SIX MUSIC-RELATED HAPPENINGS AT LIST- ERIA! u Causing gearhead discomfort since 2014... 30 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2015