Gearphoria Vol 4, No 1

Vaporware is everywhere Some shown , but never released effects units BEST intentions do not always equate success. Such as it is with life, and it also rings true in business. There are countless examples of so-called ‘va- porware’... items that were shown to buyers or even the public as ‘coming soon’, only... for various reasons... never making it into production. From automobiles to video games, it is a common theme. The effects pedal world also has had its fair share of vaporware. In this month’s edition of The Wayback Machine , I want to share with you some of the more high- profile examples of this phenomena. Sometimes the products still emerge under different names, and some of the original prototypes are sold years after their initial unveiling Here are some nice examples: Alesis ModFX: this series was an- nounced in the early 2000s with many more pedals than they really produced. BBE: a bevy of prototypes that were shown under one name, but released under different names Danelectro Spinning Speaker: the pedal was shown at NAMM 2010 but never released. Digitech XTC Chromatic Tuner: never went into production, but one showed up on eBay earlier this year. Dunlop / Jimi Hendrix System Ro- tating Vibrato (looks a bit like some boutique vibes) Maestro Wuzz (that name???) Sabine NEX-5500 Phlanger (blend- able Phaser + Flanger) Systech Envelope Computer (se- quenced volume? step tremolo?) Rocktek DDL-03 Deluxe Delay 24 GEARPHORIA SEP/OCT 2015