Gearphoria Vol 4, No 2

L I S T E N W I T H Y O U R E Y E S a wr i gh t s i de med i a pub l i ca t i on VOLUME 4, NUMBER 2 / NOV-DEC 2015 COVER STORY B l ac k Ca t P e da l s ALSO INSIDE: New gear from Collings, Skreddy Pedals and more... QUICK TAKE Aloke’s Paul DeCourcey on recording with Steve Albini, Linden Guitars AMP SHOW We journey to LA for prototype-filled fun LIST -ERIA! Seven rock docs you should see GEAR REVIEWS JHS Muffuletta RT ElecTRonix Compressor Line 6 Helix Axe veteran shares re- cording tips, gear list Connecticut-based stomp- smith givesusthe nickeltour ® JOE SATRIANI 16