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MAR/APR 2015



Immix Eleven shuts down


amp builder

calls it


INDIANA-based amp maker Immix

Eleven have shuttered their shop

after four years in business. A maker

of low-wattage, vintage-inspired

heads and combos, the crew did not

give a specific reason for the deci-

sion to close, adding only that it was

an announcement they had hoped

they would ‘never have to make.’

“It’s been a fun journey,” a state-

ment on the builder’s Facebook

page read. “We’ve made lots of

great friends along the way. We

were able to do things we never

thought possible. We put out some

great amps and saw great players

using them. We worked hard, we

learned valuable lessons, we lived

life together. Our customers became

apart of our family. Thanks for be-

ing apart of our journey. While this

may be the end of a brand, we see

it as a stepping stone to what lies

ahead. Thank you all for your sup-

port through the years.”

Immix Eleven’s range included the

Vintage Series 15 and 35, the Silver

Eagle 50 and the HOPE amp -- the

latter designed in partnership with

eXile International, an organization

that works in Uganda and The Congo

to rehabilitate former child soldiers.

The company previously show-

cased its amps at Summer NAMM

and Nashville Amp Expo. Artists/

bands on the company’s roster of

users included Switchfoot, GUN-

GOR and a handful of Nashville

session players.


Strymon debuts MultiSwitch

THE CREW at Strymon, fresh off their first official

NAMM appearance, have unveiled a new controller

designed to unlock greater access to the full range of

features in the company’s bigger pedals, such as the

TimeLine delay and Big Sky reverb. The MultiSwitch

can serve as TimeLine looper control, with additional

modes for bank navigation, toggling through presets, tap

tempo and more. The MultiSwtich does not require any

additional power and ships with a TRS cable. Use of the

MultiSwitch does require a firmware update on compati-

ble pedals. The unit sells for $99 and is available now.